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Ceri Rhys Williams - Mind and Performance Coach


Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming ABH, INLPTA

Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy ABH

Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy TLT


With over 20 years’ experience working with people, Ceri Williams is committed to achieving excellence in his own life and to helping others do the same.  From specialising in Sport and Adventure Coaching in the Royal Marine Commandos to the role of Personal and Team Performance Coach and Expedition Leader, Ceri's career has seen adventure and challenge, leading multi-national expeditions ranging from the polar ice caps to the jungles of Borneo.


Bringing the energy and drive from his own life experiences to his coaching of others, Ceri delivers real life changes centred on self belief, confidence and commitment - anchoring positive states and eliminating destructive negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Contact: or 07971 531010

Mark Crossfield - PGA Golf Professional, KVest Certified Level Two


Mark Crossfield is one of the most watched golf professionals on YouTube helping millions of golfers from around the world play better golf. Mark has been coaching golf for over 17 years, helping golfers of all abilities from Tour professionals  to the new golfer starting out. Mark's style of teaching is direct and based of real data that helps the golfer understand the route cause of any swing issues and pulls on his vast knowledge and experience to help archive every golfer goals.


Check Mark's YouTube channel out at 4GolfOnline and join the conversations and start playing better golf.


Download his Golf iPhone app


Download Android Golf app


Call him on 01392 493196

Ceri Williams
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